vendredi 8 mai 2015

French Slang

Many language courses concentrate mostly on the formal language. Knowing the formal language is important: you need it to read books and newspapers, watch news and write official letters. But in some languages, such as French, there is a considerable difference between the official language and the language people actually speak in everyday life. Indeed, understanding teenagers in a foreign language can be more difficult than reading a scientific paper in this language! The French learner who comes to France can be confused when they hear a sentence such as Je ne sais pas pronounced as Chais pas, or when they hear the colloquial boulot more frequently than the more formal travail.

The website French Slang has been created in order to teach colloquial words and slang that French people use in their everyday life. You will find there explanations about French slang and colloquial language with examples written by a native speaker from France. Feel free to comment the articles or to contact the author if you have any question or suggestion!

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