mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Why choose a native speaker for your teacher rather than a non native speaker?

You are learning French? You are having trouble choosing between a native-and a non native speaker?

Our school offers French lessons Online on Skype and here are the reasons why we work with native-speaking teachers:

They have…

- perfect mastery of the French language
- an authentic accent
- a linguistic and cultural background that is difficult to acquire for a non native speaker
- an understanding of the problems encountered by pupils learning French grammar… they analyse these problems and always provide a satisfactory explanation
- a better understanding of the French language, for example for subtleties such as irony, sarcasm, formal address, etc.
- a better understanding of the meaning of expressions in French: in which situation to use them, for what purpose, to whom?

Advantage + :
There is no question of whether to speak French or another language during the lesson: speaking French is automatic, which accelerates learning of the language and fluency comes very quickly.

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