mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Six reasons for learning French Online on Skype

If you learn French Online on Skype:

- you are in regular contact with a native French speaker. It is the best way to learn French, but you know that it is not easy to find a native-speaking teacher in your environment, and in addition one who is competent, but here is the solution: learn French on Skype and converse with a native speaker at any time of the day… and from anywhere you want!

- you no longer need to travel to attend your French lesson. You no longer waste time and specially you save money! All you have to do is find a quiet spot with an Internet connection and your French lesson on Skype can begin!!

- you have your French lesson on Skype whenever you want!  Our French teachers are available between 8AM and 8:30PM, so you are sure to find a moment that suits you. You no longer have to adapt to school timetables, you learn when you want!

- Online French lessons are cheaper than those in a language school or with a private tutor who comes to your home, so that you also save money.

- If your learn French on Skype you can attain exactly the same proficiency as with a traditional course. Let’s see how:

1. You can see your teacher: that makes your French lesion more personal, which also is important for comprehension! If you look at someone’s face, you understand what they are saying much more easily (on the telephone it’s difficult). Seeing the person is important also for imitating the movements of their mouth, which helps you considerably in improving your French pronunciation.

2. You can hear your teacher: if you have earphones and a good Internet connection you can hear your French teacher better than from the back of the classroom in a language school. This is fundamental for the music of the French language to penetrate your ears.

3. You can also communicate in writing: on the “chat” space on Skype you can write whatever you want during your French lesson. Doing exercises, writing examples, doing corrections, reviewing the lesson, making comments, sending questions to your teacher… on the “chat” all that is possible! You have even more facility for direct communication with your teacher than in a class. 

4. And how do you find the subjects to work on for your written comprehension? It’s easier than you thought. Just imagine the tons of documents in French that are available on the Internet! Articles, novels, all kinds of written material, current affairs, poems, etc, etc… You have only to ask your teacher to send you the links to the relevant subjects and you can begin reading in French.

- last but not least: you have fun learning French on Skype! Our teachers are very friendly and helpful. They are there to make learning easy and enjoyable for you. The methods and subjects that we offer are relevant and interesting. We give you the opportunity to talk about what interests you, because we believe that 
« Learning a language, learning French, is learning to talk about things that you would talk about in real life »

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